Adoption Record Book


Our handmade wooden adoption record books are the perfect keepsake for families who have entered into the beautiful journey of adoption.

The book consists of 141 pages to record everything from before the adoption up until their 18th birthday. It gives the adoptive parents the opportunity to share their experience and tell the story of why they decided to adopt, how the process progressed and finally meeting their forever child. The book then gives you space to reflect on their baby and childhood years in detail so that you never miss a thing!

There is space for plenty of photographs to truly bring the story to life.

Book highlights:

  • The journey before meeting one another
  • The homecoming day & celebrations
  • Gotcha Day!
  • Letters from mom & dad
  • Hand & footprint space
  • Record their exciting milestones
  • Plenty of space for memorable photos
  • Recording every month of the first year in detail
  • An ‘interview’ with them at every age from 3 up until 18

The book pages are A4 size and works with almost all pen types.