Twin First Year Book


As a close friend to a twin mom, I know how crazy the first year of their life is and how it is almost like a blur. You’re pretty much just trying to keep them alive 😉 It is difficult to remember all the beautiful moments that happen and when they happened, so I was super excited to put together this twin record book which can be kept in the family for generations to come.

Our rustic wooden twin record book is hand-crafted with attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of your little pairs first year is recorded and treasured for lifelong memories to look back on.

The book consists of 53 pages to record everything about their first year of life. After all, the first year is a year of plenty of growth, change and excitement, and doing it twice is even more incredible!

We have put a lot of love and thought into what this book should reflect and how best to record the first year of your precious little twins life.

Book highlights:

  • Before the birth – scans, photos of mommy’s tummy, written experience of finding out two babies were on the way
  • Baby shower and nursery photos
  • Section about how the parents found out, what their gender predictions were and how they told the world
  • The day of the birth… the weather, who was born first, meaning of baby names
  • NICU section (if necessary)
  • Hand & footprint space
  • Place for their first lock of hair
  • First family holiday
  • A section for each month of the first year recording both twins growth, likes and dislikes and anything that happened that month
  • Record their exciting milestones
  • Plenty of space for memorable photos
  • Letters from mom & dad on first birthday

The book pages are A4 size and works with almost all pen types. The book is binded with a easy-to-use file clip so there is plenty of extra space to add in artwork, additional photos, letters, etc.